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Title: The Thoughts One Thinks

Author: Kytivafan

Characters: Nell/Callen – NCIS-LA

Words: 321

Rating: G

Spoilers: None

Summary: Nell over thinks her situation
Notes: written for Heartundone for the [community profile] ncis_verse birthday challenge




 “You know G; you are really over thinking this. Hetty will be happy for us. I mean how could she not be?”

The only answer Nell received was a sated “hmmm” and the tightening of his arm around her naked waist, so she continued.
“I mean she loves us both, I know she does and she wants us to be happy.” She argued as she nestled deeper into the warm and now familiar embrace.

Getting no response, she continued “Besides, look at Kensi and Deeks! She practically played matchmaker to get those two together. Granted, she doesn’t really know about us… but on second thought she’s Hetty, so she probably does and hasn’t said anything, which is even more reason to think that she will be happy about this”

She felt G’s smile against her shoulder before he kissed it softly. She grinned at the sensation and had to work hard to stifle the school girl giggle that rose unbidden in her throat. G did that to her – he brought out the squee that all girls fantasized about and wanted so desperately. She couldn’t believe that she actually had it and that she had it with him.

She continued with her one sided argument while subconsciously twisting the gold band on her left hand “That doesn’t mean that she won’t be surprised about this. I am 100% sure that she will be surprised. After all, I am surprised about it. It all
happened so fast, but fast is good and even if we took it slow, we would end up here anyway, so why wait? Really? Ya know?”’

She felt herself being flipped over so that she faced her husband’s grinning face and he said “Since I am keeping both of us awake with my over thinking, I suggest an alternate activity. We are on our honeymoon.”
And this time Nell couldn’t stop the giggle as it escaped from her throat…



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