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Title: Miami Memories
Author: kytivafan
Characters: Ducky Mallard and Ziva David
Words: 388
Rating: G
Spoilers: Based on published spoilers for unaired episodes
Summary: Ducky and Ziva have tea
Notes: Written for [personal profile] alidiabin  for the [community profile] ncis_verse  birthday challenge


Ducky looked up as he heard the swoosh of the doors opening and closing that led into the autopsy suite. Smiling widely as he greeted the young woman who entered carrying a small pink box tied with a yellow ribbon “Ah, Ziva my dear, perfect timing. The tea has just steeped and I see you made a stop at Mulberry’s”

Ziva winked and replied “I thought we would try the Cranberry Orange today”.

Ducky nodded his approval while he poured their tea and Ziva hummed as she sat out the scones and jelly. She really enjoyed the weekly tea/lunch that she shared with Ducky. While everyone else was eating their Thursday afternoon lunch out of paper bags and take out cartons, she was enjoying a traditional afternoon tea with her favorite medical examiner and dear friend.

After a few minutes of small talk, Ziva looked around the autopsy suite and asked “Where is Jimmy? I have not seen him all day”

Ducky took a small sip of tea before answering “He had the final fitting for his tux this morning, he should be arriving shortly”

“I can’t believe that he is actually getting married” mused Ziva.

Ducky chuckled “Yes, our Mr. Palmer is growing up before our very eyes”

“It just seems so strange - him getting married. Any of us getting married, really” replied Ziva

Ducky sensing that Ziva needed to put further voice to her thoughts only nodded his agreement.

When she didn’t continue, he asked “Have you booked your plane ticket to Miami?”

Ziva took a deep breath before replying “I am not sure that I will be going”

“And miss Mr. Palmer’s big day?”

Ducky saw the tears begin to fill her eyes before she blinked them away “Miami does not hold welcome memories for me Ducky”

Smiling gently and clasping her hands in his he replied “Perhaps it is time to make alternate memories for Miami. You know there is an old adage that weddings are not just a new beginning for the happy couple, but for everyone who witnesses the vows. You could make new memories – memories that don’t include Ray.”

As she helped Ducky clear the remnants of their lunch, she vowed to do just that – to replace the memories of her what could have been with memories of what could be.


Date: 2012-03-26 02:37 pm (UTC)
jeweledvixen: (Adam Whataya Want From Me)
From: [personal profile] jeweledvixen
I really like this. I can see Ziva and Ducky doing just this - having tea once a week. Poor Ziva. I hope she makes happy memories in Miami.


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