May. 16th, 2013

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I finally made it back to DW & LJ.

I haven't been successful at staying off Tumblr (the pretty pictures and the instant gratification) pull me in, but I now have balance with fandom. 

I will be back to [community profile] ncis_verse  with the next round and will start doing the [community profile] ncis_spoilers  comm again for next season. I have learned that I can do my fandom stuff - I just don't need to spend two hours a day doing it.    

Speaking of NCIS - the finale killed me and left me with my emotions all over the grid.  I am not a faithful watcher of LA - but, you can bet I will be watching the finale this weekend when I get a chance after all the stuff I saw about it on Tumblr.  Poor Deeks and Sam! 

I have been uber busy with work and I am living and breathing my yoga (I told you I had an addictive personality).  I am actually starting a yoga blog.  Just getting it set up now, but check it out in a week or so if you are interested.  I will be blogging about my next 30 day challenge and my yes I am/ no I am not waffling on becoming a certified Bikram instructor.  If I did - I would teach maybe one or two classes per week, but as an instructor I would save the $1400 per year I pay to go to the yoga studio, so my wallet is giving me some incentative (especially since my son will be starting graduate school in a couple of years).  I'll see how the summer pans out.

Hope everyone is doing well and I will be responding to your messages soon! I promise.


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