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Title: Dumbstruck

Author: Kytivafan

Characters: Tony, Abby, Ziva

Word Count: 226

Spoilers: None

Rating: G

Summary:  It doesn’t happen very often, but some things can leave Tony at a loss for words


Tony walked into the lab and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Abby clothed neck to toe in black leather.

“Wow Abby, you look…” stammered Tony

Abby smiled and answered “I know, right?” She did a small twirl and continued “But this is not only one hot ensemble, it is totally functional”

“Functional?” Tony had many words for the tight leather pants and zippered jacket that Abby was wearing, but functional was not one of them.

“ For motorcycle riding.  Leather protects best, ya know?”

“I didn’t know that you could drive a motorcycle” said Tony

Abby frowned, “I can’t, but…”

“I can” supplied Ziva. 

Tony turned to see Ziva walking into the lab clad in tight white leather and felt his mouth dry up at the sight.

She handed a black helmet to Abby and asked “Ready for some fun?’

“I am!” winked a playful Abby linking her arm with Ziva’s, who chuckled in that low throaty way of hers.

Tony had to pull his thoughts back from places they really shouldn’t go.

Ziva looked at Tony, who had yet to acknowledge her presence, and asked “What is the matter Tony? Cat got your tongue?”

He still couldn’t work up enough saliva for a reply, so he just blinked and stared.

Abby looked over her shoulder at Tony standing there with his mouth open and smirked “looks like it”


Date: 2011-08-16 05:46 am (UTC)
alidiabin: (Tony)
From: [personal profile] alidiabin
*drools* the thought of both of them in leather.

Hehe so Tony.


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