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 to say hi. How is everyone?

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The finales were only a week and 2 days ago and already the showrunners are "spoiling" for the upcoming seasons.  

Guess that means [community profile] ncis_spoilers  is re-opened and ready for business.

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I finally made it back to DW & LJ.

I haven't been successful at staying off Tumblr (the pretty pictures and the instant gratification) pull me in, but I now have balance with fandom. 

I will be back to [community profile] ncis_verse  with the next round and will start doing the [community profile] ncis_spoilers  comm again for next season. I have learned that I can do my fandom stuff - I just don't need to spend two hours a day doing it.    

Speaking of NCIS - the finale killed me and left me with my emotions all over the grid.  I am not a faithful watcher of LA - but, you can bet I will be watching the finale this weekend when I get a chance after all the stuff I saw about it on Tumblr.  Poor Deeks and Sam! 

I have been uber busy with work and I am living and breathing my yoga (I told you I had an addictive personality).  I am actually starting a yoga blog.  Just getting it set up now, but check it out in a week or so if you are interested.  I will be blogging about my next 30 day challenge and my yes I am/ no I am not waffling on becoming a certified Bikram instructor.  If I did - I would teach maybe one or two classes per week, but as an instructor I would save the $1400 per year I pay to go to the yoga studio, so my wallet is giving me some incentative (especially since my son will be starting graduate school in a couple of years).  I'll see how the summer pans out.

Hope everyone is doing well and I will be responding to your messages soon! I promise.

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I guess I know what I will be doing on Saturday!

[community profile] ncis_verse  challenges!

Has anyone figured out how to get more hours in a day?  


Apr. 5th, 2013 05:57 pm
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 Anyone around here watch Scandal?

I have only seen one episode and I am afraid of watching another one because I think this show could chew me up and spit me out.  It was that good and the chemistry between the 2 main characters? I ship it after 60 minutes.  New record.

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On March 2 I started a 30 day Bikram Yoga self-challenge.  The challenge was to do 30 (90 minute classes with temps between 105-107F & 50% humidity) yoga sessions in 30 days.

I missed a couple of days due to a ouchie (not yoga related), so this week-end I have to do 2 double sessions in order to finish my 30 by 03/31/13. This in addition to traveling to spend Easter with my parents, siblings and the various nieces and nephew.

The silver lining? I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel - mentally and physically.

I have been doing Bikram for about a year three or four days a week, but the 30 day stretch has made a difference in my strength, stamina and flexibility.  I haven’t felt this good in ages.  

In a way I almost hate to see it end, but I know I can’t keep this pace up much longer and I haven’t had much of a life except for work and yoga for the past 30 days.  My husband is more than ready for it to end (hee).

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to toot on my horn even if only to myself.

Yoga on.

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I am seriously neglecting my inner fangirl - the only silver lining?  It seems everyone else is ultra busy also.

Because of time constraints (and frankly lack of interest) I will be culling the communities that I subscribe to.  I scroll right on past 99% of them 99% of the time, so there is really no sense in following them.  It's just clutter and I for one could use a little less clutter.

I would much rather devote my time to reading posts made by my friends.

I think the only comms that will survive the process will be [community profile] ncis_verse  and [community profile] ncis_spoilers  - for obvious reasons.

I miss you guys and I hope all is well with you!


Mar. 4th, 2013 05:19 pm
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It's been quiet around here....

Anybody out there?
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 photo photo-3_zpsd5a9e837.gif

(this is from Tumblr. it's one of those posts that's been reblogged ~20,000 times, so I have no idea to credit)
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I had forgotten how bad strep throat can make you feel.

Crossing my fingers that my boss leaves me alone today so I can actually rest and try to kick this thing.  I was literally on my computer or phone all day.  I might as well had been at work yesterday for all the good it did me to stay home. Ugh!

Some days

Feb. 26th, 2013 12:43 pm
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 I just want to chuck it all & go live in a cabin in the woods by myself
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I have more or less been AWOL from DW for weeks now; only checking in sporadically to do [community profile] ncis_verse challenges or to post to the[community profile] ncis_spoilers  site.

My fangirling time has been hit or miss, so when I do have a few minutes to indulge the inner me, I find myself gravitating towards Tumblr due to the sheer volume of yumminess and the instant gratification that Tumblr provides.  Tumblr is more like real time fangirling as it is always "live".

But, I miss my DW friends and I miss interacting with you guys.  I think of you often and chastise myself for allowing other activities to take time away from DW because I miss this crazy little "thing" we have created here.

I hope you will forgive me for my absence (if you even noticed - LOL), but let this serve as your heads up that I am back - ready or not!
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There you go Tony, just scooch a little closer to Ziva, sit back and watch USA Networks Tiva Marathon on Feb 10, 2013.

 photo tumblr_mhuby7nHZr1qgtanjo1_250_zps5cc504b3.gif

NCIS “Tiva” marathon – 10/9c

Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva’s (Cote de Pablo) unspoken attraction to each other deserves a marathon of its own. Spend your day watching the highs and lows of Tiva’s cat-and-mouse relationship, airing from 10am to 11pm.
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The new editor stinks!

I hate it.


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