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I have officially withdrawn from the [community profile] casestory  bigbang challenge.  I thought I would feel disappointed once I made it offical, but I only feel relief, which leads me to believe it was the right decision.

I will continue to work on my story, but at my pace and without deadline pressure.  Perhaps,it will give me something to work on over the summer hiatus (after we finish talking about the finale and speculating about the premiere for season 10). 

I have 5 out of 10 chapters written.  The first 5 chapters set up the case and introduced new characters.  I am at the meat and potatoes part of the story - our team putting the pieces together, solving the case and working through some personal stuff (you know there has to be a shippy element to the story!)

As far as [community profile] inkingitout  goes - I am 31% to goal.  A little behind - I had hoped to be 40% by first of May.  But I am not discouraged - I am hoping that the next three episodes give me fodder for a fic or two.  I have a couple of ideas kicking around, but nothing has solidified in my head yet.

I actually had a Game of Thrones fic that I was considering, but after reading George R. R. Martin's stance on fanfic and his expressed wish that his characters not be used in fanfic, I am going to let it go. 

Sticking with the NCIS fandom for writing inspiration - and if Bellasario and Company ever officially come out with a stance against fanfic - please don't tell me, because this really is a case of ignorance is bliss.
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Rough drafts are due in three weeks for [community profile] casestory 

I am fairly confident I am not going to make it as I am only ~4800 words in and haven't written one word on it since 02/02/12. 

I am only kidding myself if I think I am going to do any better in the next three weeks.

Going to sleep on it just to be sure, but I am fairly certain I will be dropping out tomorrow.

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I am embarrassed to post this, put in keeping with the spirit of accountability I feel I must.

I didn't write one word last week.

I have a dozen excuses as to why, but they are just that - excuses - and I won't bore you with them and torture myself over my lack of progress. It is what it is.

I finished the month ahead of goal but only because I had an awesome first two weeks. I am optimistic that Feb will be a more productive month as I am hopeful that when NCIS starts airing new episodes again my motivation and muses will wake up.
Hiatus stinks.  

Progress vs goal:
11,203 / 75,000

Goals for Feb:
* Finish [community profile] casestory 
* Participate in NCIS weekly drabbles
* Write weekly NCIS episode reviews

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I was running a bit behind on my word count because life just kept getting in the way.  Yesterday I was able to sit down and actually pound out about two thousand words so that put me slightly ahead of goal.  yay!

I am a little over 3600 words into my [community profile] casestorybigbang challenge.  I am pretty sure I am going to exceed the 10,000 min word count on this story.  BTW, I am looking for a beta for this challenge.  If you think you might be interested, please PM me and I will give you the details and we can go from there.  The story is NCIS based featuring the whole team, but as with just about everything I write there is a T/Z undertone.

I have over 5000 words towards my 75,000 word  [profile] inkingoutchallenge.  I really should have given myself a higher word count, but if history is any indicator I tend to write less in the summer when NCIS is on hiatus.

Total YTD word count is 8733.  Not too shabby. Let's see if the bunnies continue to cooperate.

I am using this year as my benchmark so that next year I will be able to make a more realistic goal and challenge myself.

Live and learn. 
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I am currently at ~4500 words towards my 2012 [community profile] inkingitout  goal.

I had big plans to write this past weekend and didn't write one single word.  I just didn't have the time so I am really going to have to pound out some work this week to keep my motivation level up.  Good thing I have some writing challenges due and I am sure I will have plenty to say about tomorrow night's NCIS episode.

I also have started on chapter 2 of my [community profile] casestory  bigbang. 

Getting my words out - one day at a time.
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I am doing these entries mainly for self accountability, so please feel free to skip over if you are so inclined.  It won't hurt my feelings.

From here on out, I will be posting the update on Mondays, but since I didn't do it yesterday...

2012   [community profile] inkingitoutwith a minimum goal of 75,000 words. YTD I am 1131 words in, which means I am doing slightly better than my daily writing goal of 200 words.  Yay! me. 

2012    [community profile] casestorybigbang with a minimum goal of 10,000 words.  I have my story outlined and the first draft of chapter one written.  YTD I am 1044 words in.  Again, slightly better than my goal.  Yay! me.

So 3 days in and I am off to a good start.  I will see how long I can keep the momentum going.
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Signed up for my first bigbang challenge - right in the middle of a writing dry spell. What the heck am I thinking?

Actually, I am thinking this is exactly what I need to get me out of my motivational slump and back into the driver's seat so to speak.

It just might be what you need too!

[community profile] casestory[community profile] casestory[community profile] casestory

Author Sign Up @ LJ
Artist Sign Up @ LJ
Author Sign Up @ DW
Artist Sign Up @ DW


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