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Title: Rounding Out the Team
Series: NCIS
Characters: Jenny Shepherd and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (with mentions of Kate Todd, Ari Haswari, Ziva David, Tony Dinozzo)
Ratings: G
Words: 672
Notes/Warnings: What if Ziva wasn’t affiliated with Mossad when she came to work at NCIS.
Written for NCIS_Verse AU Fic Challenge #9


Rounding Out the Team )


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Title: Decision, Decisions
Author: dragonheart
Character: Ziva David
Words: 257
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Written for [community profile] ncis_verse  bingo tile challenge
Prompt: Birthday

Ziva wiped her brow nervously; feeling overwhelmed and entirely out of her element.  Never had she felt so ill equipped to deal with a situation.  When she set out this morning on her mission, she was filled with anticipation and almost giddy excitement, now she was mere minutes away from sending up a S.O.S.

She thought she had adequately prepared herself by doing some research on the internet, but now that she was actually in the thick of things, she knew there wasn’t enough time in the world to prepare her for what she was about to do.

Sighing deeply, she consulted her notes; made a decision and walked away as fast as she could without drawing undue attention.

Arriving at her final destination, she deposited her package with the other packages and settled into a chair that although small was actually quite comfortable.

As she watched the pile decrease in size, her nerves got the better of her and she began to chew on her lip; by the time her package was pulled, she was sure she had to be bleeding.

As tiny hands ripped the paper, Ziva had to remind herself to breathe.

A shrill scream ensued and Ziva felt her heart seize with panic; she knew she had decided wrong.  She  knew it.

Just as she about to issue an apology, she had heard a chirpy voice call out loudly “Mermaid Barbie, Just what I always wanted!  Thanks Ziva”

And suddenly all was right in the world again as she smiled and said “Happy birthday Amira”

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Title: Two Halves Make A Whole
Author: dragonheart
Character: Ziva David
Words: 307
Spoilers: Slight for 10.02 Recovery
Warnings: None
Written for [community profile] ncis_verse bingo tile challenge
Prompt: Undercover 

“Ziver, you’re goin’ undercover”

The words sent a delicious shiver down her back and caused her heart rate to elevate. The increase in her blood pressure caused her cheeks to flush slightly; anyone who didn’t know her might mistake her body’s reaction for embarrassment rather than excitement.

But, excited she was.  The details of the assignment didn’t even matter; all that mattered was that she able to get her head back in the game. 

It took her a long time to admit to herself that she missed the thrill of undercover work, taking on a new identity and letting go of herself just for a few hours. 

She had changed with her time at NCIS. 

She was happy with the changes – she was now more than an assassin to be dispatched at her father’s whim, she was now a valued member of Gibbs investigative team with friends that she loved dearly and a life that she had never hoped to dream about.

So when she did find herself feeling nostalgic about the old days, she quickly tucked those thoughts and feelings into the dark recesses of her brain because it made her feel disloyal to who she was now.

It was only after talking with Dr. Wolfe about the bombing and how it made her feel that she had come to realize that she didn’t have to keep that part of herself restrained – she could be who she was – the old Ziva and the new Ziva rolled into one with the sum made better by each of her halves.

She no longer had to choose who she would be, she could simply be herself and that made her happy.

Chewing on her lip to keep her grin her check, she practically skipped to Abby’s lab for her cover; life was good.

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Title: Male Review
Author: dragonheart
Characters: Abby Sciuto and Tony DiNozzo
Words: 256
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Written for [community profile] ncis_verse  bingo tile challenge
Prompt: Male

“Male strippers, Abby?  Don’t you think that’s a little cliché for a bachelorette party?”

Abby jumped at the unexpected voice in her right ear “Crap, Tony.  You scared me! You are getting almost as good as Ziva sneaking up on me, but still not as good as Gibbs.  Gibbs is the master; no one is sneakier than Gibbs”

Tony winked at his favorite lab tech, but he wasn’t falling for her attempt at a subject change. “So, you plan to take Brenna to a male strip club to celebrate her last weeks as a single woman?  I am not sure Jimmy would approve”

Abby snorted “It’s a Male Review, not a strip club and it was Jimmy’s idea.  How did you find out anyway? It’s supposed to be a secret; Jimmy didn’t want you and McGee crashing the party”

Tony blinked at Abby’s words, because crashing the party hadn’t even entered his mind, but now that the idea was out there, he wasn’t going to discount it.  “Now, why would I crash Brenna’s party?” questioned Tony

Abby laughed before she answered “Well, maybe because the thought of a certain someone watching hot young men take off their clothes causes you to lose sleep”

Now it was Tony’s turn to snort “I don’t know what you are talking about, but I can tell you, you couldn’t be more wrong”

Turning to walk out of the lab, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and sent a quick text message to McGee inquiring about his Saturday plans.

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Title: Quarter Bounce
Characters: Ziva David and Abby Sciuto
Words: 225
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Written for [community profile] ncis_verse bingo tile challenge
Prompt: Beer
Notes: dialogue only

“Ok, so what you do is try to bounce the quarter off the table into the glass.  If the quarter goes in, then you push the glass towards whoever you want to drink.  If you miss, then you have to drink and then it’s someone else’s turn to bounce.”

“This seems like a rather silly drinking game to me, Abby.  Are you sure you are not just making this up in order to cover for Tony?”

“Ziva! How dare you?  This is a time honored drinking game.  Everyone who is anyone has played this game at least once in their lifetime; it’s a staple at bachelor parties.”

“So, you are telling me that the reason that Tony got so drunk at Palmer’s bachelor party is because he is bad at quarter bounce?”

“Oh, I never said he was bad at it.”

“But, if you make all the bounces, then there is no reason to drink”

“Well there’s that, but the whole point of playing quarter bounce is to drink beer, so you know, you miss on occasion just so you can drink”

“But if you want to drink beer, why do you not just drink beer? Why make a game out bouncing quarters?”

“Never mind the logic behind it.  Do you want to play or not?”

“Can I bounce first?”

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Title: Sanctuary
Author: dragonheart
Characters: Ducky Mallard
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Words: 247
Written for the [community profile] ncis_verse  bingo tile challenge
Prompt: Morgue


The rain would have normally been a deterrent, but not this time.  He needed to get out of the house, he felt trapped, suffocated and even a little bit angry.  Fate had robbed him of his joy and he was bound and determined to take it back with whatever means possible.

Now that he had been cleared for duty and was restored to full time acting Medical Examiner, there was really no reason that he couldn’t come and go as he pleased.

Passing through the hermetically sealed doors, the familiar scent of formaldehyde and death’s unique aroma greeted him like an old friend.  He breathed deeply and immediately felt calmer, more like himself.

He knew most people were uncomfortable in autopsy.  Abby refused to enter the morgue unless himself or Mr. Palmer were present; McGee and Tony put on brave faces, but he could see the underlying twitchiness in their demeanor while they waited for his results, neither man knew it, but they both unconsciously shook off the feelings the morgue brought on as they exited just as if they were shaking off the cold.  Only Gibbs and Ziva seemed unnerved by being in the room, but neither of them stayed longer than absolutely necessary. 

It was here that he felt most comfortable, where he was at ease and peace, where he was in his element, and where he was king. While autopsy and the morgue were places avoided by some, for him it was… sanctuary.


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Title: Life Before His Eyes 
Author: dragonheart
Characters: Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David
Words: 267
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Major character death
Written: for [community profile] ncis_verse  bingo tile challenge
Prompt: Gun

Tony looked into the eyes of his partner as Lt. Colonel Peterson pressed the gun harder against her temple.

It was the first time he had ever seen real fear reflected in her eyes.  She was going to die, she knew it and he knew it.

Peterson was a man with nothing to lose and a death wish fueled by the desire to take as many people with him as possible.

Tony felt sweat and tears run into his eyes as he blinked furiously to keep his vision clear.

He had always heard when you face death, you see your life flash before your eyes; but no one had told him that when facing the death of the one you love that you see what could have been.

His vision was clouded with images of the life he could have had with Ziva if they had been given more time.

He saw their first date, their first real kiss. He saw them sitting in Gibbs basement and telling him that they were going to be in a relationship with or without his permission.  He choked back a wail when he saw their wedding and the birth of their first child.

For a brief moment, he wondered if she was seeing the same things because he thought he saw a sad smile cross her face, but it passed too quickly to be sure.

He was sure that he saw her frown as she felt the gun shift against her skin.

Ziva mouthed the words “I’m sorry” and then his whole world went red.


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