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(this is from Tumblr. it's one of those posts that's been reblogged ~20,000 times, so I have no idea to credit)
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source: deevleev

I want to bring this little guy home with me....

*dies* from all the adorable
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source: ilovefrankie
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Just got back from my matinee date with my husband after seeing The Avengers.

Hokey Pete, that movie was awesome.  I will definitely be seeing that one again - possibly even buying it when it comes out on DVD.  I loved it from start to finish. Not one thing to complain about. Rave. Rave. Rave.

Ironically, I went mainly to see Tony Stark (Iron Man), but ended up falling in love with Captain America and Hawkeye.  Go figure!

okay, I have a few "domestic" things to get done today for my party tomorrow and then it's off to the Derby Dinner Train.

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Is the day that my best friend and I were going on the underground zip lines - she called and her daughter has a volleyball tourney so she can't go.

I really want to go, so I asked my son if he wanted to go (I knew his answer would be YES) and he jumped at the chance, except he  remembered he promised to spend the day with his girlfriend, so I invited her along as well.

My $80 adventure just turned into $240 + tax.

Oh well, should be a blast and it's only money.

They don't allow cameras in the caverns - the tour guides do take pics (of course, you have to purchase them) so that they can control the flash - but you can take pics during the training exercises.

Hopefully, I will be posting some pics on Sunday.

Really looking forward to this!
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dragonheart, The Magical Mage.

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dragonheart is made of dancing, coffee, and lightning. With a dash of the West.
kytivafan is made of cupcakes, sleepy, and dullness. With a dash of Apocalypse.

Kathi is made of nails, fire, and kindness. With a dash of Wikipedia.
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tumbled from gibbslet
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Underground Ziplining!
I hope there is enough light to take pictures

ETA: We forgot that tomorrow is Thunder over Louisville - the big fireworks and military airshow that kicks off the KY Derby Festival.  We have rescheduled for next Saturday - there is not enough money in the world for me to get mixed up in that traffic nightmare.
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iPad has a kindle app.

There are some books that aren't available on ibooks (I have been told it has to do with publishing rights) but you can download a free kindle app onto your iPad/iPhone & then download any book available on amazon onto your iPad.

Cool beans.
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Tumbled from tumblr (sorry didn't get the URL) 
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This was one of my favorite parts of last night's episode.
Thank you to littlesweetcheeks on Tumblr for giffing this.


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A Tony/Ziva Valentines Doodle made for me by aredblush.

It's adorable. I love it. Thank you so much!


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A tumblr friend said that this was in her morning paper...



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