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My stories on FF.net that are not on LJ or DW:
Promise Realized - Tony contemplates promises
Boredom and Letter Openers - Tony is bored at the office and it leads to some interesting revelations
A  Wink and A Smile - Tony jumps to the wrong conclusion and it causes him all kinds of worry
From Russia with Love - A multi-chapter crossover fic with Bones.  How does a current NCIS kidnapping case tie in with one of Ziva's old Mossad missions and what is her connection to Seeley Booth?
Drabbles: (written for NCIS drabble challenges on LJ)
Hands On  Gibbs & Abby have a standing Monday morning get together
Playing With Fire Ziva decides that inaction is the best course of action when it comes to Tony & Wendy
Decisions Life is full of decisions & their repercussions are felt long after we remember making them
Playing It Safe - Ziva plays it safe
Mechanical Pleasure - Abby takes her pleasure where she can get it
Making with the doo da - Gibbs never ceases to amaze
Helping Hand - Tony and Tim lend Santa a hand
The World May Never Know - It was NOT going down as one of the world's great unsolved mysteries; if Abby had anything to say about it.
Size Matters - Abby helpsTony make a decision
Winners and Losers - It's that time of year again.
Haunted - Tony needs something to hold on to
Seven Year Itch - McGee decides to scratch his seven year itch
Invisible Man - They see and know more than we think they do
The Pursuit of Knowledge - Sometimes the pursuit of knowledge is more than Abby can handle
McAbby Talks Tiva - just what the title implies
Stages of Anger - Abby gets left out again
The Stuff (some) Apologies are Made Of - An apology gone wrong (or right)
Covering the Bases - Tony covers his bases
Lucky Break - It's a matter of perspective
Dumbstruck - It doesn't happen very often, but some things can leave Tony without words
The Letters - Sometimes writing letters can be more for the writer than for the reader
Decision - Tony makes a decision
Memories - Mother's Day is hard
A Certain Kind of Knowledge - Tony & McGee discover a certain kind of knowledge can be a very scary thing.
Dancing Lessons - Ziva has a favor to ask Abby
Rescue - Tony  as hero
Transformation - It's the little things that make the biggest impact
Summertime - Ziva loves summer
Motivation - Abby needs a little motivation
The Proposal - Just what is says
Happiness - Ziva finds happiness
The Mission Behind the Assignment - What we didn't see when EJ was in autopsy with Levin's body
Pain - Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole
Lost & Found - Ziva loses something
What if - Ziva has a decision to make
Water - Water, Water Everywhere
A Life of Lies - Tony contemplates his future
Waiting - Time is relevant
One Shots:
Perchance to Dream - Sometimes its hard to separate your dreams from you reality
Living the Dream - If this is living the dream, he sometimes wishes he would wake up (AU)
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree - Ill-gotten information and whether to act on it
Partners -  A McGiva smut fic (the one only smut fic I will ever write)
Knowing - Ray knows more than we give him credit for.
Doing - Ray acts on what he knows
Asking Part I - Tony has a crisis of confidence
Asking Part II - Ray makes his move
The Bargain - Tony makes a bargain
Swing Batter Batter Swing - A chance meeting in an unexpected place
'Tis Sweeter the Second Time Around - Gibbs has an epiphany, makes a decision and... a date
American Honey - Ziva gets a taste of American culture
The Shattering - Tony has some stuff he needs to deal with
Secrets - The team has secrets they have been hiding for years from each other and from us (slightly cracky)
The Gift - Gibbs gives Tony a gift
Costume Party - Abby throws a party
Fortune Tellers and Assassination Attempts - Fate at work (or not?)
Tony's Choice -  Tony must choose who he wants to be
My Own Little World - Tony has a moment of introspection and realizes that not only is his life missing something, but its missing someone.
When Worlds Collide - AU Crossover fic - NCIS/Stargate Atlantis
Surprise  - Ziva gets an unexpected surprise when she visits EJ at her apartment
Surrender - Tony contemplates surrender
Second Chance at Goodbye - Because Tony never did get a chance to say a proper goodbye to Jeanne
Love Languages - Ziva has told Tony she loves him three times and he still doesn't get it.
A Beginning - Tony finally begins to understand what Ziva has been trying to tell him
The Thoughts One Thinks - Nell over thinks her situation
Asking for Help - Tony needs help and there is only person he can ask
At First Sight - For Leroy Jethro Gibbs -  it was love at first sight
Beautifully Dangerous - After tradegy strikes NCIS, Abby and Ziva must make a run for their lives
Miami Memories - Ducky and Ziva have tea
U.S.S. Going Nowhere - Tony is stuck on a boat
Chasing the Hurt - Some hurts are meant to be chased
Third Time the Charm - It takes hearing something three times before Tony is ready is for action.
Best Laid Plans -  Gibbs and Ducky make plans - one for work - the other for death
Man on Fire - McGee follows his gut
Lillian - Some killers are made - others are born (semi-original fic)
Rounding Out the Team - Jenny rounds out Gibbs' team (AU - Ziva is not with Mossad, but NCIS when Jenny places her on the team)

Chapter Fics:
Strange Bedfellows
(WIP) A Tony DiNozzo & Trent Kort fic
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

The Leaves of Memory - Ziva uses journal therapy to heal from Somalia (discontinued)
Chapter 1 And so it begins...
Chapter 2 Stepping Lightly Down a Dark Path

The Dragon Series (written with Heartundone / Whiteink) Complete
Chapter 1 Slaying Dragons
Chapter 2 Dragon Slayer
Chapter 3 Out of the Dragon's Shadow
Chapter 4 Dragons and Doubt
Chapter 5 Dragon's Dance
Chapter 6 Dragon's Lair
Chapter 7 Dragon's Deceit
Chapter 8 Dragons and Secrets
Chapter 9 Dragon's Delight
Chapter 10 Vanquished Dragon

Love, Honor and Betrayal - As Tony works up the courage to tell Ziva how he feels about her, she has news of her own that turns his world upside down.
Chapter 1

NCIS Tag Fic: Requiem Aeternam
Chapter One written by [personal profile] proseac 
Chapter Two written by [personal profile] merzibelle 
Chapter Three written by ncischick09
Chapter Four written by [personal profile] dragonheart 
Chapter Five written by [personal profile] blumvale 
Chapter Six written by snoopmarymar
Chapter Seven written by [personal profile] whiteink 


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