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who is expecting a baby boy with boyfriend David Paul Olsen (brother of co- star Eric Christian Olsen).

the rumors have been rampant for weeks, but Daniela confirmed it this morning.

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The finales were only a week and 2 days ago and already the showrunners are "spoiling" for the upcoming seasons.  

Guess that means [community profile] ncis_spoilers  is re-opened and ready for business.

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Title: The Thoughts One Thinks

Author: Kytivafan

Characters: Nell/Callen – NCIS-LA

Words: 321

Rating: G

Spoilers: None

Summary: Nell over thinks her situation
Notes: written for Heartundone for the [community profile] ncis_verse birthday challenge




Nell's Thinky Thoughts )


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awww. I love Deeks & Kensi on the bicycle built for two...


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Because I follow Rae too...(grins)

Day 1: Favorite episode from season 1:
Okay, I have to give a disclaimer on this meme - I haven't been a faithful watcher of LA - but I am trying really hard to change that.  I haven't seen all of Season 1, but I have seen a few episodes.  Of the ones that I have seen, my favorite is 1.24 G. Callen.

I absolutely love the idea of Callen - a hot mysterious guy who can take on any identity because he really doesn't have one of his own - he has no clue to his familial past.  Intriguing.  And bonus - this episode has Trent Kort - and you all know how I feel about Trent Kort (hot mess that he is).

the rest of the days )


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