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I finally made it back to DW & LJ.

I haven't been successful at staying off Tumblr (the pretty pictures and the instant gratification) pull me in, but I now have balance with fandom. 

I will be back to [community profile] ncis_verse  with the next round and will start doing the [community profile] ncis_spoilers  comm again for next season. I have learned that I can do my fandom stuff - I just don't need to spend two hours a day doing it.    

Speaking of NCIS - the finale killed me and left me with my emotions all over the grid.  I am not a faithful watcher of LA - but, you can bet I will be watching the finale this weekend when I get a chance after all the stuff I saw about it on Tumblr.  Poor Deeks and Sam! 

I have been uber busy with work and I am living and breathing my yoga (I told you I had an addictive personality).  I am actually starting a yoga blog.  Just getting it set up now, but check it out in a week or so if you are interested.  I will be blogging about my next 30 day challenge and my yes I am/ no I am not waffling on becoming a certified Bikram instructor.  If I did - I would teach maybe one or two classes per week, but as an instructor I would save the $1400 per year I pay to go to the yoga studio, so my wallet is giving me some incentative (especially since my son will be starting graduate school in a couple of years).  I'll see how the summer pans out.

Hope everyone is doing well and I will be responding to your messages soon! I promise.

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On March 2 I started a 30 day Bikram Yoga self-challenge.  The challenge was to do 30 (90 minute classes with temps between 105-107F & 50% humidity) yoga sessions in 30 days.

I missed a couple of days due to a ouchie (not yoga related), so this week-end I have to do 2 double sessions in order to finish my 30 by 03/31/13. This in addition to traveling to spend Easter with my parents, siblings and the various nieces and nephew.

The silver lining? I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel - mentally and physically.

I have been doing Bikram for about a year three or four days a week, but the 30 day stretch has made a difference in my strength, stamina and flexibility.  I haven’t felt this good in ages.  

In a way I almost hate to see it end, but I know I can’t keep this pace up much longer and I haven’t had much of a life except for work and yoga for the past 30 days.  My husband is more than ready for it to end (hee).

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to toot on my horn even if only to myself.

Yoga on.

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I am seriously neglecting my inner fangirl - the only silver lining?  It seems everyone else is ultra busy also.

Because of time constraints (and frankly lack of interest) I will be culling the communities that I subscribe to.  I scroll right on past 99% of them 99% of the time, so there is really no sense in following them.  It's just clutter and I for one could use a little less clutter.

I would much rather devote my time to reading posts made by my friends.

I think the only comms that will survive the process will be [community profile] ncis_verse  and [community profile] ncis_spoilers  - for obvious reasons.

I miss you guys and I hope all is well with you!

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You know me; I am always on the lookout for a new show (and more often than not highly disappointed in what I find),

Currently, I only have a few shows that I can honestly say I really like: NCIS, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time and The Big Bang Theory.  Only 3 of the 5 are must see TV for me (NCIS, Homeland & Game of Thrones).  And while I like OUAT and TBBT - if I miss an episode, I am content to catch up on it later. 

FOX has a new series starting tonight called The Following starring (whee!) Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy (yes, my 80's is showing).  It's supposed to be dark and brooding and while dark and brooding doesn't normally appeal to me - it doesn't turn me off if the storytelling is good. I don't mind dark, but I can't handle gore for the sake of gore, so I am hoping that it doesn't try to go for !shock! value with the blood and guts.

Any hoo, going to give it a whirl tonight.  Here and here are write ups from TVLine and TVFanatic if anyone is interested in learning more about it.  I will let you know tomorrow if I give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

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I am going to get the Lasik procedure done on my eyes this year.  I am soooo tired of wearing contacts.  I was outside for a bit today and I swear the darn things froze to my eyeballs - most uncomfortable.

I say I am going to do this every year, but I never end up doing it.  I don't know why as I am a good candidate, I know people who have had it done and they love it and my insurance pays for it.  So really, no reason not to do it....except for that whole laser cutting of your eyeball thing.

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Tonight starts the holiday dinners and parties for or by a sundry of clients, customers and suppliers.

I really hate this part of the holidays.  

It's work - it really is - and I have so much personal and family stuff I need to be doing in the evenings in preparation of the holidays.


Yes, I am in whiny mode.

I have 2 such dinners this week and 3 parties (yes 3) next week.

Silver lining?

If I can make it until 12/21/12 - I don't have to be back to work until 01/02/13.

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Sending me emails saying I logged into my journal from an unauthorized location.  Since when do you track that kind of stuff?

There's security and then there's big brother is watching....I haven't decided where this falls just yet. 
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I am now free from work for 9 glorious days!  I am so excited!

I have a week to catch up on my [community profile] ncis_verse  bingo tile challenge, write a "costume" fic, clean out my flower beds to prepare them for winter, and do some much neglected organizing of stuff in my home office.

I have my 5K walk/run tomorrow, the weather is suppossed to be beautiful.  If I survive that and feel like I still have some energy I think we are going to take the kayaks out on the lake.  The leaves are turning and it's a great time of refreshing and rejuvenating for my soul and I need that time of relaxation before the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Not sure what the whole week will entail, but I kind of like it like that - no hard and fast plans is a good thing!

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In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to tire of TV shows rather quickly. 

A show will grab me for an episode or two or three, but more often than not; after that I lose interest.  It takes something to keep me interested, and that something isn’t always easily defined.

I can’t tell you the number of shows that I got excited about, only to have my excitement wane fairly quickly.  It is rather disheartening at times. My tastes often run the gamut as far as genres goes, so it’s not like I am in a rut and putting myself in a box. 

For instance, I was gung ho on that show where the man lives two parallel lives with his deceased wife and deceased son. It had such promise and now I can’t even remember the name of it.  I liked The Closer, but never fell completely in love with it. The spin off Major Crimes is abysmal; even a special appearance by MW couldn’t save it for me. Damages and Suits held my attention for a bit, but now I am just kind of meh!   

TBBT appeals to my inner geek, but it’s not must see TV for me.  Actually, I would rather go to Yoga and sweat than stay home and watch it. 

So I find it very interesting that I start to get excited for my Sunday night shows starting at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Sunday night is quickly becoming my favorite TV watching night.

I don’t think it will ever replace my Tuesday night excitement for NCIS, because NCIS is, has been and always will be my show.  It has captured my heart and soul, and I don’t see letting go of it anytime soon. Besides, NCIS is my fangirl outlet.  There isn’t another show where I have a group of friends that I can squee, flail, rant, and rave with.  Part of my love for the show is the fandom experience and I would be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that tuning in every week to see how my ship is sailing is a driving factor in my enjoyment. 

My Sunday night shows don’t have those things going for them, and as my excitement is still really high it lets me know that maybe I am in for the long haul on these shows.

First up is Once Upon A Time – yes, the fairy tale show – but a very different fairy tale.  For me the show revolves around Regina – the conflicted evil queen.  She wants to be good (she once was good) but she got a taste of magic and just can’t give it up, and we all know power corrupts.  It is smartly written, well acted and I love how it ties the fairy tales together.  I started watching about 1/3 of the way through season one on the recommendation of a twitter friend and I am still hooked.  Unlike most people, I am not too fond of Snow White and Prince Charming.  Maybe my dark side gets a break with this show, because I love the darker characters best.  The Evil Queen and Rumplestilkskin dominate every scene they are in and when they are in a scene together, well it’s just…magical.

Next up is Homeland.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this show.  The acting is out of this world (Claire Danes and Damien Lewis deserve their Emmy wins), the writing is possibly the best on TV  (another well deserved Emmy), and it appeals to the right side of my brain.  This is not a show for the casual viewer or the weak hearted.  It is dark, gritty and relevant to the world climate today. It demands your attention, and if you can’t give it 100% every week- you will quickly get lost.  It is full of twists, turns, blind sides and the WTH factor is off the charts (in a good way).  Last night’s episode kept me awake until the wee hours trying to unravel the intricacies that the ending scene sets up for next week.   

What I love most about this show is that it is all about good storytelling.  It is on a paid channel, so it has a limited audience which means the ratings will never compare to anything on network TV, so there is no need for fan service and there are no commercials, so there are no advertisers to court.  It is all about the story and it shows. Quality is the one word description for this show – in every sense.

My only regret is there is really no one to fangirl with about this show. 

I have squees and flails I want to share with someone.  I want to talk about those blinding plot turns, I want to talk about Saul and the video of Brody’s confession, I want to speculate about Carrie and her status with the CIA.  I want to rant about Jess and her self-centered righteousness and most of all I want to know who the heck Brody killed and why!

I have ideas on what (should) happen next and I want to hear someone's ideas on what they think is going to happen.

I want to experience this show with someone else.

*sigh* TV….I take it way too seriously.  

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It’s that time of year when everyone gets out their Halloween decorations, the kids start scrambling for their trick or treat costumes, and bags and bags of candy fill the aisles of the local stores.

It is also the time when I begin to mourn the death of Halloween…

When I was a kid, Halloween ranked right up there with Christmas, Easter and birthdays on the anticipation scale.  It was a big deal in the little town I grew up in.  In school, we spent class time making paper jack o’ lanterns, decorating trick or treat bags (remember those brown paper grocery bags?) and spent our lunch periods talking about our costumes and our “candy routes”.

Of course, the highlight of the holiday was visiting the haunted house that was sponsored every year by the city.  It was full of hokey, scary stuff – you know vampires, werewolves, mummies, ghosts, witches – none of that gore fest / slasher sickness that passes for haunted houses today. 

And TV? Oh, my gosh – it was a scare fest!  There was a different “monster” movie on every night in the week leading up to Halloween – movies featuring vampires (the scary kind, not the sparkly kind), werewolves (again the scary kind, not the hot sexy kind), Frankenstein, gargoyles, etc.  It was the good kind of scared because you knew it was just pretend and those things really didn’t exist in the real world.  The scary movies touted about today (serial killers, torture flicks) – well, those are too scary for me – because stuff like that is REAL and it is not the least bit entertaining.  If I want to be scared like that, all I have to do is watch the evening news.

When my son was little, we  tried to recreate the Halloween of our childhood – it didn’t work, the world has changed too much, and so has the perception of Halloween, so we stopped celebrating it years ago.

Somewhere along the line, the spirit of Halloween was lost, and that makes me really sad for today’s kids.

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I have been out of the DW/LJ loop for the past few days.  My life has been crazy busy (in a very good way).

I hope to get caught up on the all the happenings in the next few days!

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Judge Judy makes $45 million a year.  Yes, you read that right.... $45 million.

or says TV Guide.

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The crazy begins today!

I will be able to visit the fangirl world only sporadically this month (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as I think I need a little break from it), but 
I will try my best to hit DW at least twice a week for [community profile] ncis_verse stuff (can't let my team down).

And the silver lining to this cloud?  When I am able to get back to the fandom world on a regular basis - it will only be about three weeks until the season 10 premiere of NCIS.  *\0/*

I hope everyone has a good month and I will check in as I can!

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 Actually it goes back several weeks to a discussion on Tumblr on whether shipping a couple that had absolutely no chance of ever becoming canon (because it's slash or because one of them is dead or one of the characters is no longer on the show or anything else that would prevent a canon relationship) was harder or easier than shipping a couple that had a possibility of becoming canon.

The general consensus was that it was much easier to ship a couple that had no chance of becoming canon and I have to agree with that, but then the lovely [personal profile] karaokegal   threw a little monkey wrench into my thought processes and I can't seem to shake it.  I am paraphrasing here (and correct if me I wrong M) but she said that's actually the only kind of ship to have - one that has no possibility of ever becoming canon.  I tried to go back and find her actual words, but Tumblr stinks at archiving.

But, those words keep coming back to me at the oddest fangirl moments...

really want my Tony/Ziva ship to become canon and I think there is a good possibility it will eventually happen, but when a ship does become canon - when the ship docks so to speak - does it stop being a ship and become a relationship?

Because some folks think there is a clear difference between the two... and further more...never the twain shall meet.

So, here are my two questions dear friends:
1. is shipping only for non-canon couples?  Can you really ship a canon relationship?
2. and for those who say yes! and actually ship a canon relationship - is it as much fun after the ship has docked?

I definitely come down on the yes! side, but it is food for thought.

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 Now, that's what I call good sleeping weather.

(as long as it doesn't get severe, I LOVE sleeping during storms)

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I think lightning just hit our air conditioning units - both of them.

Not good.  Not good at all.  

Hubby is now in a foul mood.  He gets cranky when he gets hot and I think it's gonna hot in here really fast, and who knows how much it is going to cost to fix them.  

We better get some good rain out of this... just saying.

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 That stupid book was the talk of the spa this past weekend.

You would think that grown women had never read (or had the opportunity to read) erotica before.

note:  I use the term "erotica" very loosely when associated with this book.

Granted, I haven't read the book, but I have read excerpts and the writing is TERRIBLE - actually it's worse than terrible and the fact that it started out as a Twilight fanfiction that was tweaked and later published and now has sold millions of copies just causes me to see GREEN.

Green as in jealousy and anger.  Jealousy because my writing is better than what I saw in that book (that's really  not bragging) and my stuff will never see print - and anger that there is such dang good fan fiction out there that deserves the attention that this book is garnering which will never see print and millions of readers. 

On the other hand - I have to hand it to the writer because she saw the opportunity and took it.  Nothing against her - my rant is against the "system".
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 And I mean that in a good way....


Jul. 5th, 2012 12:42 pm
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Looking at my calendar this morning I realized that the year is officially half over (as of July 1).

Dang, I really need to get to work on my 2012 objectives list.


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