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Last one, I promise.  (well, maybe not....)  Profuse apologies to my friends who don't watch NCIS, I know I have spammed you for weeks.  You guys are the best for sticking with me!

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Michael and Cote live this morning for the #premieredaydiary. Can't wait to see/hear this interview!

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I have to admit that I am now officially more excited about the new season of Homeland than I am about the new season of NCIS. *ducks Gibbs slap*




yes, there are 3 of them and if they don't entice you to watch this show - I don't know what will.
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Rushed home to see the NCIS promo, only to find they didn't air it tonight.

Ah well, there is always hope for next week.
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A little birdie told me we may get the Season 10 promo today!

*crosses fingers*

Also, Diane Neal is on set this week; looks like we will be seeing Agent Borin around episode 10.05.  

Season X is looking good and I can hardly wait!

Here are a couple of T/Z pics from the EW article to hold us over.


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Spoiler )

This is an exciting turn of events!
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A couple of pictures from Season 10 premiere episode Extreme Prejudice.

Not really spoilery if you have seen the Season 9 finale, but I will cut them anyway...

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 CBS announces Fall premiere dates

NCIS premieres on Tuesday 09/25/12 - this is the date we were given unofficially, but it's nice to have it confirmed.  

Mark your calendars!
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Technically, it's not for CBS's launch in September - but the fact this is airing in the UK tells me that our whole team will be back for season 10!  

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Tony and Ziva in the elevator....

Can I just say that I love Gary Glasberg and I take back all the bad things I said about him during Season 8. 

mini spoiler here: http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/ncis/100320
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Worth the wait!
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It took me a couple of days to get my brain around this episode – there was plenty that was awesome, but there was plenty of meh! to go around too.

I won’t rehash the actual happenings; I am assuming that you all watched the episode and my excerpts will make perfect sense.

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Well, I am on the fence.

I can sum it up this way, Rule #36- if you feel you're being played, you probley are.

Lots of "playing" going on. I don't like it.
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The day we have been counting down to for months has finally arrived, and I must say that I am ready!  Thus far, I have been able to resist the temptation to dl and watch, but the stronger urge is to wait and watch with my fandom friends - a virtual bonding of sorts.

It is more fun knowing that we are watching and *squeeing* (I hope) together.

I did get one spoiler last night from [livejournal.com profile] littlesammy- (you guys know I ♥ the spoilers). It only made me more excited for tonight.

I am fully prepared for 8:00 pm EST
*diet coke √
*peanut M&M's √
*snuggly blanket √
*comfy pj's √
*full charged ipad for note taking √
*warnings to my husband that I am out of pocket from 7:45 p.m. until ?? √
*vacation scheduled for Wed 09/21 so I can fangirl late into the night√

T  - 12 hours and counting!

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NCIS tomorrow night (or tonight for those lucky enough to live in Canada).

On one hand it's like - wow! it's finally here - NCIS Season 9 tomorrow night...

On the other hand it's - *sigh* I still have a little over 36 hours before NCIS Season 9.

It's going be a looooong two days.


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