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 Chapter Five of our NCIS tag fic was written by [personal profile] blumvale  and can be found here:  http://blumvale.dreamwidth.org/1141.html 

She handed us a nice little mystery to solve and I can't wait to see where snoopmar takes it from here.

Chapter One written by [personal profile] proseac 
Chapter Two written by [personal profile] merzibelle 
Chapter Three written by ncischick09
Chapter Four written by [personal profile] dragonheart 
Chapter Five written by [personal profile] blumvale 

Tag: snoopmarymar
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 Bringing everyone up to speed on the status of the Tag Fic.

[personal profile] blumvale  is up next, but she is traveling in Asia.  She is planning to be back by end of the month.  She did say she would have spotty internet while in China, so I am not even sure she knows she has been tagged.  She left before I posted my chapter.

If we don't hear from her by end of month, I think we would be okay in switching her and SnoopMary.

Any objections?

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Title: Requiem Aeternam
Chapter: Four
Written by: Dragonheart
Words: 1235


Chapter 4 )


Tag: [personal profile] blumvale 

Chapter One by [personal profile] proseac 
Chapter Two by [personal profile] merzibelle 
Chapter Three by ncischick09
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Chapter 3 of our NCIS tag fic written by ncischick09 can be found here: http://ncischick09.livejournal.com/13221.html

She really ups the angst level and compliments the chapters written by [personal profile] merzibelle  and [personal profile] proseac  perfectly (links to their chapters below).

I am next up to the writing block and Chick's chapter sparked an idea or two for my dragon muse to mull over; the ideas take the story in two totally different directions...
*ponders which way to go*

I am leaving next week to go on a girl's trip to Saugatuck - so my installment will come after the 4th of July holiday.

Very excited at how this story is playing out!

Chapter One by [personal profile] proseac 
Chapter Two by [personal profile] merzibelle 

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Chapter two of our NCIS tag fic written by [personal profile] merzibelle  can be found here: http://merzibelle.dreamwidth.org/23300.html?view=120068&posted=1#cmt120068

In my humble opinion - this is the perfect follow up chapter to the amazing start that [personal profile] proseac  gave us.

To say I am excited about this story is a gross understatement.

Up next: ncischick09
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Chapter One of our NCIS Tag Fic written by [personal profile] proseac  can be found here:  http://proseac.dreamwidth.org/170160.html

We are off to a great start!

I can't wait to see how this plays out.  I have so many comments I want to make - but I will hold off for now because I don't want to unintentionally influence the direction of the story, but I am loving the potential of this storyline!

Next up: [personal profile] merzibelle 

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Okay, let the fun begin....

Here's our writing order (determined randomly)

Proseac - gets to kick it off & give it a title
Whiteink - gets to wrap it up

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Quick Reference
your piece should be between 500 - 1000 words long (though I don't think anyone will complain if you go over a bit)
PG-13 rating (or below)
post in your journal - linking previous entries for story continuity
I don't think anyone has a friends only journal - if you do please let me know and I will rehost your story in my journal or make your entry public so anyone linking back can access it.
(I will also link all entries in my journal )
you have 2 weeks to post your piece once you've been tagged.

So,,,, Liz - tag - you're it!
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I can't seem to sleep in - no matter how late I stay up.  It's a curse!

We now have 7 writers for our NCIS tag fic - all very excellent writers, so my excitement (and performance anxiety) has increased.

We have a couple of writers that are on LJ - and since everyone is commom to my flist - I will be linking all entries in my journals (both DW and LJ) so that everyone has access to the story.

There are some very excited readers waiting on the sidelines for our story - I don't know about you but when I know people are excited to read - it makes me excited to write.

When I get home tomorrow night, I will fire up the old randomizer and post our writing order.  We might get another writer or two on board before then.


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Well, hiatus is here and we need something to flame the fandom flames, so is anyone interested in doing a tag fic?

Don't know what that is? 

A tag fic is a fic started by one person and then added to by different people in a pre-assigned order.  Once everyone has completed their portion we end up with a fic written by several writers.

We need at least 5 writers willing to write between 500 -1000 words for their portion of the story.

Writing position is determined randomly.

The first writer gets the honor of setting up the story - the rest carry it through - and the last gets to wrap it all up.

I don't think we need to set up writing ground rules as no one on my flist or in my circle will bash main characters (whomping them is okay) and we will keep it on PG-13 level unless all agree to a higher rating if someone wanted to write a "smut" chapter.

The first person will post their portion of the story in their journal and then "tag" person #2.

Person #2 will post in their journal and then tag person #3.

and so on and so on until all have posted.

All writers will post links to the previous portions in their journals.

The challenge: to create an interesting story with multiple writers.  We all have different styles, but the story needs to flow in both plot and characterization - we don't want it to read like 5 different stories, and it's a challenge to work off what someone else has handed to you.

To keep the momentum going - you must be able to complete your portion within two weeks of being tagged (hopefully sooner, but I know life gets in the way of fandom).

okay, I know that was kinda loosey goosey - but we can tighten it up if needed.

So whose in? 

We need atleast 5...

ETA: We have our 5, so this a go.  I will leave the prompt open over the weekend just in case anyone else wants to join in.  On Sunday night I will put our names in the randomizer and assign writing order.  This is going to a blast!

Writers so far:


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