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Michael and Cote live this morning for the #premieredaydiary. Can't wait to see/hear this interview!

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tweeted by Pauley this morning.  And though, I am not a fan of Kate Todd, I do like Sasha Alexander!
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NCIS is shooting episode #6 (rumored to be titled Shell Shock) and there is lot's of McGee/DiNozzo. 

Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!  I love me some McNozzo (of the bromance variety).

And further more, MW is calling this the best season ever.  I haven't seen one episode yet, but based on what little I have seen and read - I might have to agree.

I am especially loving the theme of this season "fallen heroes" and I think Gary Glasberg has some great ideas in the pipeline.

(I do retain the right to change my mind later if the season doesn't live up to all the hype, but right now.... I am on board with Michael).
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I don't see how she walks in these...

not spoilery, but cut for pic size.

tweeted by PP today:

clicky for the piccy )
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And so it begins.... LOL - I promise not spam you too much as the Season Premiere rolls out!
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I will have to watch this to see him play someone other than Tony.  I have to admit I have not been blown away by his movie role choices (more like horrified - but we won't go there - hee).

In my mind our beloved cast will always and forever be our beloved NCIS characters.  I couldn't even watch Certain Prey with Mark Harmon because I couldn't see him as anyone other than Gibbs.  These are the dangers of typecasting and of playing the same character for years at a time (and can be a real career killer) if they can't break away.

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I want to cross out porn and write in fanfiction...
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How beautiful are they? I want to hang with them in NYC for the NCIS / NCIS-LA upfronts.
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Totally forgot about MW being on The Talk today.  
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I know less about SM than I do about the other NCIS actors; perhaps because he doesn't do much press - but I follow him on Twitter and he has become 'active" again in the past few weeks.  I am finding he has a wicked funny sense of humor.  I like that in a man.  Zombie Ari indeed.
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Behind the scenes pic from 9.20 The Missionary Position
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Posted by Michael Weatherly on Twitter:

http://twitvid.com/AXSEK RT @m_weatherly On set hi- jinx!

Dumbstruck Cote is adorable!

Edited to add:  A behind the scenes Cote pic tweeted by MW

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Tweeted by Michael Weatherly


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Hopefully, this will wrap up the Ray arc.... crossing my fingers....


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