dragonheart: (Default)
2013-03-19 04:59 pm

There just aren't enough hours in the day...

I am seriously neglecting my inner fangirl - the only silver lining?  It seems everyone else is ultra busy also.

Because of time constraints (and frankly lack of interest) I will be culling the communities that I subscribe to.  I scroll right on past 99% of them 99% of the time, so there is really no sense in following them.  It's just clutter and I for one could use a little less clutter.

I would much rather devote my time to reading posts made by my friends.

I think the only comms that will survive the process will be [community profile] ncis_verse  and [community profile] ncis_spoilers  - for obvious reasons.

I miss you guys and I hope all is well with you!