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Title: Secrets

Author: Kytivafan

Rating: G

Word count: 788

Characters: Our team – slightly OOC – but then that’s the nature of secrets
Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Still not mine

Summary: Our team has secrets – they have been deceiving each other (and us) for years

Author’s Notes: Don’t know where this came from, but since this is the first writing nibble I have had in a while, I thought it best not to tempt fate.  Forgive me.



Gibbs woke early, realizing that it was Saturday and that he had the day off, he grinned – he had been waiting all week for this.

He wanted to drag out the anticipation, so he took a long hot shower and used some of the spicy smelling foaming shower gel he bought while in Mexico two years ago.  He rationalized that if he was going to treat himself – he was going to make a day of it, besides he liked smelling good and the way it left his skin feeling clean and soft.

He rubbed the olive oil infused lotion into the calluses on his hands and mentally made a note to call Constanza, and schedule a manicure.  He slipped into a pair of silk boxers and a soft brushed cotton t-shirt.

He walked into the living room and opened the front door just enough to retrieve the morning paper and then wandered into the kitchen where he could smell the freshly brewed coffee.  The smell of vanilla and hazelnut greeted him and he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply – this is what he had been waiting for.  All week he drank bitter black swill, but on his off days he drank flavored coffees.

Gibbs had a secret – he enjoyed pampering himself.



Tony glanced at the clock – 0500 – they had been going at it for six straight hours.  Not exactly a record, but satisfying nonetheless.  His body ached and he was sweaty, but it was all good – very good in fact.


He looked his computer monitor – DiNutso 993,624 – and mentally high fived himself.  He wasn’t leaving his apartment until he popped 1,000,000 – even if it took all weekend.


Tony had a secret – he enjoyed the online world of RPG



Abby looked at the clock – it was just past 8:00 p.m. and the bar was beginning to fill with the Saturday night regulars.  She glanced around nervously, and spotted him just as he walked through the door.  She slowly let out the breath she didn’t even know she was holding and grinned in admiration.


He looked good, but then again, he always did.  Her eyes started at his feet taking in the scuffed boots and traveled up his well worn (and tight in all the right places) jeans.  The shirt fit him well and emphasized his muscles.  She felt herself getting slightly turned on just looking at him.  His face was handsome; something the scruffy beard couldn’t hide.  She noticed all the women in the bar looking at him and she snorted to herself at their loss, because she knew she would be going home with him tonight. 


She allowed her eyes to continue traveling up his body until she reached his hat and that was what caused her to come undone.  She rushed towards him and saw his face light up when he spotted her – he picked her up and swung her around and whispered in her ear “Hi, darlin” his drawl sent shivers down her back.


Abby had a secret – she loved cowboys



Tim loaded his small duffle into the back of his car; glanced at his watch and mentally calculated his trip.  Leaving now would put him at his destination in three hours.  He sighed and crooked his neck trying to release the tension.  Oh yeah, he needed this little trip – in a big way.


Arriving at the retreat center, he checked in and quickly changed into loose fitting clothing.  He knew that a class was starting in 5 minutes and he didn’t want to be late.


He arrived just in time and assumed the starting position.  Within a few minutes, he was starting to feel the stretch and the strain and it hurt - alot, but he mentally blocked the pain and pushed through it using the techniques he had been taught.


 After awhile, the pain receded and he felt his body beginning to cooperate and obey his direction – it bent where it was supposed to bend and it held strong where it was supposed to hold.  He felt good about his body – possibly for the first time in his life.


McGee had a secret – he practiced Yoga



Ziva looked down at her feet and smiled happily – oh yes, these were exactly what she was looking for.

She rotated her right foot front to back, and practiced walking around the store.


The red stilettos were a little high at 6 inches, but she knew she could handle them – she did have perfect balance after all.


The saleslady ooed and aaawed in admiration.  Ziva checked out her reflection once more before saying  “I will take them”.  The saleslady clapped in approval.


Ziva had a secret – she loved shoes – of the high heel variety


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From: [personal profile] alidiabin
The Gibbs one made me laugh, the others all seem reasonable. Oh and I love the icon.


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