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Oct. 31st, 2012 08:11 am
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Looks like everyone has checked in either by posting, text message or email - so very thankful that everyone came through the storm okay.

Happy Halloween!

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I have been seeing pictures this morning of the wind and water damage to the eastern seaboard and the storm hasn't even arrived in force yet.

It is unbelievable the devastation this storm is predicted to bring.

Even some of the inland states will feel the fallout:

Eastern Kentucky is expected to get 24" of snow in the next few days when Sandy meets the arctic blast coming down out of Canada.  I don't think we will see anything but colder weather in my part of the state; keeping fingers crossed that is the case.

To all my friends in the path of the storm, hunker down and stay safe - check in with us every now and again via posting or email to let us know that you guys are okay.

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 Now, that's what I call good sleeping weather.

(as long as it doesn't get severe, I LOVE sleeping during storms)

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The sun is bright and shiny and it's suppossed to get up to around 70F.  Not too shabby for end of Feb.

Life is good.
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6 more weeks of winter?  Pffffttt!

I am breaking out the flip flops.

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I am not a cold weather person, in fact - I hate cold weather.  I hate being cold period.

BUT, I do like it cold and snowy during the Christmas holidays.  If I had my way - it would start snowing on December 21 and not cease until Jan 2.

Care to guess what the weather is like in my part of the world?  Unseasonably warm. 

In the words of my favorite NCIS character - Bah Hum Bog!

This is the only Winter Wonderland I will be seeing this holiday season.


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