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You guys know me - I am always on the look out for new shows to watch as I quickly lose interest in most of the drabble that passes for TV these days.  

It's a vicious cycle - I see something that looks promising, I get excited, I watch a few episodes - and If I am really lucky I hang for the whole season.  More likely than not I am out by mid season or before.

For me - great TV must have 2 things - good storytelling and compelling characters.  If the show just has one or the other, it may hold me for a while, but eventually the inevitable happens: Remote off.

Good storytelling is basic (or you would think it would be).  I am not expecting Gilgamesh epicness  week to week - just something that is consistent, believable and entertaining.  Compelling characters would also seem pretty basic.  I don't have to like the characters (Game of Thrones is a case in point - there are only a handful of characters that I like - the rest are pretty much despicable) but for me likablility has never equaled compelling.  Another case in point is the character of Branch on (my newest obsession) Longmire.  He is set up as the foil to good guy Walt - but there is just something about him (being ruggedly handsome & built like a brick house doesn't hurt) that I like.

Fall 2013 was looking pretty drab for me with the loss of NCIS.  A friend sent me the 5 seasons of Castle (just finished S2), but the show just hasn't grabbed me the way I was hoping it would.  I haven't given up because several people have told me that they didn't fall in love with the show until S3 or S4. Maybe its because my shipper heart is still tender & I am protecting myself or maybe I just need time to development my relationship with it. I didn't fall in love with NCIS right away either. Reading the tweets from the cast gives me hope. Crossing my fingers! 

One of the bright spots on the horizon is the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and with this weeks announcement that Cobie Smulders will be reprising her movie role (on a guest starring level) as Agent Maria Hill, it just moved up a few notches on my list.  I am hoping when Cobie's stint ends on HIMYM (another one of those shows I loved and lost) after this season, that she will move into a permanant role.  I think this show will be giving NCIS a run for the Tuesday night viewership especially from that much coveted of demographics and given the response out of SDCC, NCIS should be worried.  Another factor is the Avengers 2 movie coming out in 2015 and the draw of the Marvel universe in general.  This show comes with a ready made audience and fanbase.  Unless they mess it up big time (and they could), it's going to be a success. Another plus?  This is a show that my husband and son will watch with me.  Bonus.

Right now the brightest star on my fall viewing list is a show that I didn't even know about until last night.  

Yeap, I saw the trailer last night and fell in TV love.  Karl Urban is the reason.  If you are familiar with Karl, I don't need to explain.  If you aren't familiar with him, I suggest a little research - you won't be sorry.  :)

Here's the trailer that got my attention - Fox's Almost Human starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy from the mind of J J Abrams.

And if that doesn't convince you - let's throw in Lili Taylor and Minka Kelly to boot.

This seems to satisfy all my scifi fangirl requirements as well.  I can see a fandom break out in it's future.  

I am crossing all available appendages that this show lives up to my expectations!

September suddenly doesn't seem so depressing.

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