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(this is from Tumblr. it's one of those posts that's been reblogged ~20,000 times, so I have no idea to credit)
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This was one of my favorite parts of last night's episode.
Thank you to littlesweetcheeks on Tumblr for giffing this.


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"Perhaps we should compare notes"  - Yes, Ziva I think you should "compare notes" with Tony.

From 9.06 Thirst

tumbled from [livejournal.com profile] alyssinmymind- because you all KNOW I didn't make this gif.
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Tumbled both of these from Tumblr...(because ya'll know I can't do the techy stuff)

I love this promo and can't get it out my head.

Sassy and sexy - That's our Cote/Ziva

Yes, I am on a NCIS high after MW's latest reveal.  I know Tiva is in the future.  But this is the first real indication that it just might happen.

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This is the first Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer) gif that I have seen.  I swiped it from Captain Harkness off of Tumblr. 

Love that smile - it makes me happy

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(gifs from the internet - no idea who created them.  It wasn't me)
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I found these awesome gifs on the web made by sorsha (?) I think -

I did a LJ search and found a journal for [livejournal.com profile] sorsha , but it hasn't been updated since 2006 and I am not even sure it's the right person. 

Not sure of the correct protocol for giving "credit" for gifs out there just wandering around on their own. But I did not make these and the maker has not given me explicit permission to use them. 

So I am speaking now and giving credit for these gifs to sorsha (?).  If someone knows sorsha - please let me know how to contact him/her for said permission.

With so many gifs, icons, etc wandering around out there in the matrix - how do we handle "giving credit"? 


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snagged from ziva2035 over on Tumblr.


I am thinking about writing this scene into the Dragon series - (whatcha think [livejournal.com profile] heartundone ?)
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Gif courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] meekosan 

Isn't Ziva beautiful? Can't you just imagine her giving Tony this look with the pursed lips?

I know it's not what she is really saying, but I like to imagine she is saying "I miss you" to Tony

That's my *squee* for the day


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