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Loved it!

more later as I can't do cuts with my iPad & don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet.

CANNOT wait for Season 3 (which has been confirmed)
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Finale and Season 10 info from Gary Glasberg

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Spoilery and Shippy )
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Which scene was the secret scene?
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Loved, loved, loved it.

So much goodness wrapped up in 60 minutes

Case (check)
Team interaction(check)
Tiva (check)
Excitement (check)
Suspense for the next several months (check)

I call this finale a success.
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Nothing we didn't already know - but, Michael looks good and is hilariously funny
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I really can't believe they gave us this much of a sneak peak (almost 4 minutes) - the embed feature is disabled - but follow the link and click on the video...


I must say, I fall more and more in love with Jimmy Palmer with every episode.
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Totally forgot about MW being on The Talk today.  
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source: Tumblr

Today, I am just treading water and waiting for 8:00 p.m. to roll around. 
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Just watched the finale for Once Upon A Time.

I have no words or emotions left... yeap, used them all up watching this...
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I know less about SM than I do about the other NCIS actors; perhaps because he doesn't do much press - but I follow him on Twitter and he has become 'active" again in the past few weeks.  I am finding he has a wicked funny sense of humor.  I like that in a man.  Zombie Ari indeed.
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okay, I love angst and drama - I am now very excited to see this.  I hope it lives up to the hype.  And I really would love to have a real cliffhanger this season - I want to speculate all summer about who made it out alive. I want to be chewing my fingernails by the end of the episode.  I want to stand up and scream when it ends "they just can't leave it there..." (when inside I am screaming "yes, they actually went there!")

This has real potential to do just that.... please, please, please - don't disappoint me.

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I am too tired to cut & paste the article, so I will just link it this time. Forgive me.

GG has a few words about Tiva in the finale & in season 10

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1. can we just get rid of Ryan already? Even Gibbs is starting to suspect there is something hinky about her. I am sure there is an innocent & plausible explanation for what she is doing - but I don't care - she needs to go!

2. If they blow up the NCIS building - are they gonna rebuild it over hiatus? Because you know those orange walls & the elevator have pretty much taken on character status.

Good nite all, can't wait to share thoughts & ideas about tonight's episode & speculations for the finale.
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filming locations for the finale include:

A church
A swanky hotel

The secret scene includes: Tony, Ziva & McGee

Just gonna let those tidbits percolate in my brain for a few minutes

ETA: okay, just had someone else tell me that McGee was not in the secret scene based on tweets. Conflicting information - the plot thickens. LOL.

So we do know
Yes: Tony/Ziva
No: Abby/Palmer/Vance
Unknown: McGee/Ducky/Gibbs
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yucky spoiler yucky )
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We get to meet someone.... but I have to admit - I wasn't the slightest bit curious about him.
more spoilery pics )


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