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NCISdrabble100: Challenge #240 Missing Scene

Title: The Mission Behind the Assignment

Author: Kytivafan

Word Count: 100

Character(s): Special Agent EJ Barrett

Spoilers: 8.24 Pyramid

NCIS drabble100 challenge #240

Prompt: Missing Scene

 Summary: What we didn’t see when EJ was in autopsy

Disclaimer: Not mine, never were, never will be -



EJ peered somberly into the glass container at the microchip, slipping it into her jacket pocket, she thought so many have died keeping this secret.


She caressed her own wrist where an identical chip was embedded, she rationalized that she was working for the lesser evil, it’s what helped her sleep at night, sometimes barely; it helped when she had company.


She gave Levin a final look “I’m sorry Gayne” and she turned and walked out of autopsy.


As soon as she was in the elevator, she hit speed dial on her phone and spoke softly “It’s done.  I’ve got it.”

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Nicely done - an excellent missing scene.
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Sneaky, sneaky. I want more!
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Good little missing scene.