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8x01, Spider and the Fly: 3.9/10 (total viewers: 18.92 million)
8x02, Worst Nightmare: 4.0/11 (total viewers: 18.74 million)
8x03, Short Fuse: 3.7/11 (total viewers: 19.48 million)
8x04, Royals and Loyals: 3.7/11 (total viewers: 19.48 million)
8x05, Dead Air: 4.2/12 (total viewers: 19.08 million)
8x06, Cracked: 4.1/11 (total viewers: 19.38 million)
8x07, Broken Arrow: 4.0/11 (total viewers: 19.872 million)
8x08, Enemies Foreign: 3.9/11 (total viewers: 19.45 million)
8x09, Enemies Domestic: 3.9/11 (total viewers: 18.80 million)
8x10, False Witness: 4.0/12 (total viewers: 19.868 million)
8x11, Ships in the Night: 4.45/12 (total viewers: 21.93 million)
8x12, Recruited: 4.1/11 (total viewers: 20.97 million)
8x13, Freedom: 4.6/12 (total viewers: 22.7 million)
8x14, Man Walks Into a Bar...: 4.2/12 (total viewers: 20.30 million)
8x15, Defiance: 3.7/11 (total viewers: 19.47 million)
8x16, Kill Screen: 4.4/12 (total viewers: 21.28 million)
8x17, One Last Score: 3.8/11 (total viewers: 19.19 million)
8x18, Out of the Frying Pan: 3.8/12 (total viewers: 19.11 million)
8x19, Tell-All: 3.8/11 (total viewers: 18.26 million)
8x20, Two-Faced: 3.6/11 (total viewers: 18.79 million)
8x21, Dead Reflection: 3.8/12 (total viewers: 19.21 million)
8x22, Baltimore: 3.5/10 (total viewers: 17.32 million)
8x23, Swan Song: 3.5/11 (total viewers: 17.1 million)
8x24, Pyramid: 3.8/11 (total viewers: 18.09 million)

yeah, we turned it around for the finale!!!

Here's looking forward to a record Season 9.
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I went into this episode with high expectations and walked away only mildly disappointed.


 Why am I disappointed?



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I am not sure yet how I feel about this episode - I may need more time to ponder it, there was so much going on under the surface that I don't really know what to think.   I guess my main emotion is bewilderment.

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NCIS 8.19 Tell All

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I had to get myself mentally prepared for this episode, because as you know I have been feeling a little Tiva stressed of late, so I had myself a couple glasses of wine and spent the two hours preceding the show reading some quality fanfiction.

So, all the preparation must have really paid off, because I liked the episode, or I didn't mind it as much as the last two, so we are making positive progress.

I don't really feel like picking it apart right now, because I am afraid too much introspection just may ruin my mood, but some of the things I really liked: Gibbs and Fornell- priceless. Ducky and Palmer - classic. All the marriage talk - I am ok with it as long as it NOT foreshadowing something... best to leave that one alone for right now.

My only regret - my husband and son came into the room and started to talking to me about something incidental and I missed the previews for next week - all I heard was Gibbs ask EJ if she slept with Tony and then blah blah blah. I am sure I will see or hear about it in the upcoming week.

All in all, my dread was misplaced this week and I am still keeping the TIVA love alive one week at a time.
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Episode: Out of the Frying Pan - 8.18

I am of a mixed mind on this episode. After my initial viewing I really liked it, but after it has had a while to percolate in my little brain, I find I have some issues.

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Episode Title: One Last Score 8.17
Caf-Pow Rating: 1

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me on this one, but I am going to go out on a limb and call this episode an EPIC FAIL – at least for me.
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