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I finally did it!

I have been thinking about creating a ncis spoiler community on DW for quite some time because I hate spamming your journals with spoilers, but I love them too much not to share them!  

The thing that pushed the comm into existence is the recent announcement that LJ has closed it's US offices putting us in real danger of losing the LJ spoiler comm that so many of us frequent.  

Right now the community is open for members, but I think I am going to close it to just us in order to keep it free of the drama that seems to plague the LJ comm every once and a while.

It will have open posting, so anyone who wants to post a spoiler or a general squee is free to do so.

The comm is open for both NCIS and NCIS LA spoilery stuff.

Here is the link to the comm and I have already started posting spoilers there; I will no longer post spoilers in my personal journal.  

For anyone who is creative and would like to pretty it up with a banner, header or wallpaper - it would be much appreciated.  I am sorely lacking in that area and I would welcome the help.

I also would like to have a 2nd administrator for checks and balance - it is never a good thing for one person to have all the power - *grins* so if you are interested in helping there, just let me know.

I hope to see you in the comm!
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I am so freaking excited!!!

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Tumbled both of these from Tumblr...(because ya'll know I can't do the techy stuff)

I love this promo and can't get it out my head.

Sassy and sexy - That's our Cote/Ziva

Yes, I am on a NCIS high after MW's latest reveal.  I know Tiva is in the future.  But this is the first real indication that it just might happen.

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Jaime Lee Curtis will guest star. Woot! Woot! Love her.

I am on my phone so can't post details, but I am sure you can find them if you look. It's all over twitter and tumblr.

Kinda tired of all the guest stars, but I will make an exception for Jaime Lee.
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Guess Who???? )
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I am a spoiler addict.  I admit it.

I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I go trolling for them and and then proceed to read everyone's comments about them (generally not a good idea).

More times than not - they (the spoilers and the comments) end up making me mad or sad or both.

I guess it's all part of the addiction - you know it's bad for you, but you just can't quit.

Under the cut, is a synopsis of what we have learned thus far about Season 9.  I must say I am on the fence and I am not feeling alot of Tiva love.


Here There Be Spoilers )
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Comments under the cut:

Here there be spoilers )

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Don't know why, can't put my finger on it exactly, but - 

Strangely enough, I am feeling positive about the latest

Hope I am not disappointed. 

awesome new icon by [livejournal.com profile] mella68 
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From the two articles, it looks as if GG has no clear idea where he taking our show in S9 - he has been dropping hints, but he already seems to be contradicting himself  - as to whether the new SecNav is adversarial or not.

Picky of me, I know, but if he is inconsistent on this point, why should I believe anything he is telling me and if he doesn't have a well thought out plan for the upcoming season, we will get more character inconsistencies and plot holes - much like S8. 

Here he says the SecNav is NOT an adversary

Here he says the new SecNav will effectively take on the adversarial/administrative role that Vance used to serve

GG makes me nervous, very nervous....and frustrated.   
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Give us our Tuesday preview...... I need a fresh fix to get me through the next 12 hours.

I am pitiful - I know (sighs)

icon by my lovely [livejournal.com profile] klingonlady 
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Just watched the promo for Swan Song again.  I know some people were speculating that P2P was named in the promo, but the person actually named is Jonas Cobb (played by Kerr Smith) who is the prototype for the CIA Assassin program.  It was revealed in earlier spoilers that he is brought in as his unique abilities and background will aid in the identification of P2P. I wonder if he will bond with our little resident former assassin?

Can't say for sure because of the angle, but Kort does look to be wearing an eye patch - maybe that eyeball was his - but that doesn't explain how it opened MTAC, unless P2P hacked that system too - we know from last night that he is tech savvy and has hacked into the secure NCIS email system.  But then how did EJ know it was a possibility?  Lucky guess or does she know more that she has led us (or Gibbs) to believe?

Also there is a quick flash of EJ looking very uncomfortable, perhaps disturbed - something is not sitting well with her.

It looks to be the killer standing outside in the rain (reminded me of the old Friday the 13th movies - shades of Jason)*shudders*.  Is he outside Gibbs house?  Is this where the killer makes his first strike against NCIS?

The look on Gibbs face as he shuts the door on the ME's van breaks my heart - and further confirms my suspicions that Franks dies.  We still have one more death (spoilers indicate two NCIS deaths), and I know some are leaning towards Vance - I am still unsure on that one, it could be EJ or one of her team or even Ray (although he is CIA).  Not enough information on the second death - maybe as more spoilers are released, we will get a better idea.

As to the identity of P2P - was there a spoiler that we would "know" him when his identity is finally revealed? or was that someone else's specualtion? It is all starting to run together and here I am further muddying the waters, but I am home alone, bored and left to speculate - it is a truly a dangerous thing.



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I went into this episode with high expectations and walked away only mildly disappointed.


 Why am I disappointed?



Review )
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I haven't seen this spoiler before. Saw it on another blog and totally stole it (is that against the rules?) It was posted on the NCIS newsletter so maybe it's a free for all....

The newest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine (#1151/1152, April 22/22, 2011) contains a teaser/spoiler for the finale.

The final moments of NCIS' eighth season are so shocking, even some cast members are being kept in the dark. Parts of the finale have been deemed "red-page scenes," which means only the specific actors involved and a few key crew members get the script. (A previous "red page" example? The season 2 death of Kate Todd, played by Sasha Alexander.)

Exec producer Gary Glasberg says the "significant change" that occurs will "affect NCIS in ways people will never see coming." In particular, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) will be reeling. Glasberg notes, "His world is about to be rocked both personally and professionally."

Now, this statement has me a little worried - "will affect NCIS in ways people will never see coming" - darn, I thought we had all the bases covered as I have seen some pretty diverse and decisive views on what's going to happen. What haven't we thought of ....

In particular, Gibbs will be reeling. Glasberg notes, "His world is about to be rocked both personally and professionally."

Not liking that statement much either because the only thing that could rock his world both personally & professionally is his team - Tony, Ziva, McGee, Abby, Ducky

But then again wasn't last year's ending supposed to rock the NCIS world and it was - blah.

Only a few more weeks until all our questions are answered - or will we be asking new ones?

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Why is that every time I am floating around in my nice little tiva bubble –loving life, loving my show and loving my ship, someone has to come along and prick it? I mean really….


Just last night I swore off spoilers and previews and I renewed that vow this morning, but this little bit of un-official spoilery was force fed to me in an email from a friend.  I wasn’t given the opportunity to bypass this tidbit, but out of respect for my LJ friends who wish to remain free from such angst inducing information, the spoiler is behind the cut.


And since I don’t want to burst anyone else’s bubble, stop reading now if you want to remain all floaty and spoiler free.



The WTF is going on? spoiler )


Yeah, how’s that for totally messing with your head?

Excuse me while I go break something or eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

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Ok, I have had a couple of hours to decompress and I have shined up my Tiva colored glasses and I am going to look at this in an entirely different way, because if I continue on my present course of thought, I will be giving up on my favorite ship and my favorite show, and I am not sure I am quite ready to go there just yet. I may change my mind again after I see how S9 starts to shape up,but until then I am going to TRY to keep my despondency to a manageable level.

But back to S8 and the spoilers revealed in CdP's most recent interview.
Ok, we have known for weeks that Ray is really Ziva's boyfriend and we have also known for weeks that Tony and EJ hooked up in the showers or shortly thereafter and knowing Tony it wasn't going to stop there - especially with someone willing and available. We are still dealing with frat boy Tony here. So why was I surprised by these spoilers? I really wasn't, but suspecting something and knowing it for fact are two different things, so I did feel sort of gut punched.

We also know that neither of these characters (Ray/EJ)will be back next season and that we only have 4 more episodes of this. We know that the NCIS writers have short memories and issues with continuity, so by middle of next season, this just might be a bitter memory - perhaps much like Jeanne and Rivkin - I thought those story lines were the end of Tiva too.

I really can't believe in my wildest dreams that the writers would mess too much with the Tiva dynamic - because whether you are for it or against it - it keeps the message boards lit up week after week. I am convinced that it is one of the driving forces behind the success of the show -heck it's why I tune in every week. Would they really kill off the golden goose?

Maybe these failed affairs will be just what Tiva needs to finally bring them together - ok, hopeful thinking on my part - I don't really think we will ever see them truly together on the series as it would totally alienate the anti-Tiva crowd, just as they won't kill it off because it would totally alienate us shippers - gotta keep that delicate balance - but as long as they don't ride off into the sunset with someone else, and there is always that possibility that they could end up together - I think I can live with that - as long as there are good quality fanfics out there to supplement my fix - which is what is really keeping my love for the show alive right now. I read a good Tiva story (like a few that have been on here in the last couple of weeks) and I fall in love with T/Z all over again, and I forget all the non-sense on the show.

Just to clarify and expound on the above statement --I don't think I can go through this sort of thing (Ray/EJ) in a future season with different names and different circumstances. Let's get rid of the whole jealousy thing all together.

So as of right now, I am going to hang tough and see what happens, keeping my fingers crossed that the writers don't totally screw the pooch on this one and that the fallout isn't too much too handle.

Keeping the TIVA love alive - one week at a time.
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Cote de Pablo's interview

Confirms my worst fears: (spoilers ahead)

* Ziva and Ray are actually involved in a romantic relationship and it looks to be serious

* He is going to reveal something regarding the PTP killer case that causes a blow up and things end badly (at least in this episode).

* Tony and EJ are involved in a full blown affair and Ziva is disturbed by it

All I can say is CRAP!


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