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Maybe it's because I am grumpy anyway - but watching that promo made me want to shoot Samantha Ryan.  Yeah, I could do it.
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does anyone else think that Tony's talk about making hard choices on who you are going to save is foreshadowing what is going to happen in the finale?
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I cheated - I went on Tumblr while at lunch and watched the just released extended promo for next week.

I want to kick myself because not only did I not last a full 24 hours with my no NCIS stuff declaration - but the promo only served to depress and disappoint me,


Spoilery Stuff )I was already feeling cranky - I might have just moved into ticked off.
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The more that is revealed about the 200th episode the less excited I become. 

Yes, I know it's an AU episode and anything that happens isn't real/canon - it is a "what could have been" and doesn't affect canon in any way except whatever Gibbs takes away from the experience.

And that was the reason I was really excited about it - excited about all the different opportunities to see our team in alternative situations. How would they be different if their circumstances were different?

But, I find this one aspect is really bothering me....

Spoilers & Speculations )
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Okay, maybe I am a bad Tiva shipper, but I just can’t seem to get myself worked up in a bad way about the Wendy spoiler.


Spoilery Specualtion )
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But now that someone (actually several someones) have planted it in my brain - I can't seem to let it go.

Speculation and nothing more... )

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Just watched the promo for Swan Song again.  I know some people were speculating that P2P was named in the promo, but the person actually named is Jonas Cobb (played by Kerr Smith) who is the prototype for the CIA Assassin program.  It was revealed in earlier spoilers that he is brought in as his unique abilities and background will aid in the identification of P2P. I wonder if he will bond with our little resident former assassin?

Can't say for sure because of the angle, but Kort does look to be wearing an eye patch - maybe that eyeball was his - but that doesn't explain how it opened MTAC, unless P2P hacked that system too - we know from last night that he is tech savvy and has hacked into the secure NCIS email system.  But then how did EJ know it was a possibility?  Lucky guess or does she know more that she has led us (or Gibbs) to believe?

Also there is a quick flash of EJ looking very uncomfortable, perhaps disturbed - something is not sitting well with her.

It looks to be the killer standing outside in the rain (reminded me of the old Friday the 13th movies - shades of Jason)*shudders*.  Is he outside Gibbs house?  Is this where the killer makes his first strike against NCIS?

The look on Gibbs face as he shuts the door on the ME's van breaks my heart - and further confirms my suspicions that Franks dies.  We still have one more death (spoilers indicate two NCIS deaths), and I know some are leaning towards Vance - I am still unsure on that one, it could be EJ or one of her team or even Ray (although he is CIA).  Not enough information on the second death - maybe as more spoilers are released, we will get a better idea.

As to the identity of P2P - was there a spoiler that we would "know" him when his identity is finally revealed? or was that someone else's specualtion? It is all starting to run together and here I am further muddying the waters, but I am home alone, bored and left to speculate - it is a truly a dangerous thing.



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Went home to Winchester to spend some time with the family over the Easter holiday.  My three nieces are all NCIS fans, but my youngest niece who is 11 is an extreme FANGIRL - and those caps are necessary to describe how much of a fan she is.  If she was old enough and knew about it - she would be burning up LJ with her opinions and her theories.  And she actually has some good ones, such as....

I was filling her in on the latest spoilers (yes, I am wicked that way) and we started specualting about how the season finale was going to rock Gibb's world both personally and professionaly -  and we started debating who would be killed and why and then she looks at me all slant eyed and said to the effect - maybe it's not a death that rocks his world - maybe its the identity of the killer -

Now, we do know for a fact that at least 2 people are going to die according to MW interview - but maybe those deaths won't have an emotional impact for Gibbs - especially if it is EJ or one of her team - professional impact yes - no one wants to loose agents even if you don't like them or know them well. I know alot of bets are on hinging on Mike Franks being one of the deaths and I haven't totally discounted that, but my niece has raised an interesting point: 

We don't yet know alot about the P2P killer - just that he kills men, navy or marine - in various ports around the world, first one that we know of was in Rota, now with the arrival of EJ's team he has struck in DC (another interesting point - how did Vance know he would strike in DC?  EJ was here in advance of the discovery of the body) so maybe the killer is somehow tied to NCIS (former agent? - former Gibbs partner?).  EJ and Vance seem to know something that they haven't shared. And that eyeball opening MTAC and the fact that EJ knew it was possible?  Hinky. 

Playing devil's advocate - Tony's former partner as a victim throws a wrench in the whole victimology - as far we know he isn't tied to NCIS / navy / marines in anyway except for his former relationship to Tony - not sure how that figures in yet -but Baltimore is a port city. But according to spoilers he is a killed by P2P, so there is more to the story, hopefully next week will shed some light on that.

I think it is rather interesting that all the spoilers have been victim related and not killer related - maybe TPTB want us focusing our attentions in one direction while they plan the *pow* from another?

So what do you think fellow NCIS fans - is Gibbs world rocked by death? by identity? Or maybe both? 
on another note:  will it ever stop raining?  The storm last week caused some roof damage on my house, now I have a leak and my head is about to explode from the sinus pressure - praying for sunshine or atleast the cessation of the rain!


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