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Parts of it I really, really liked.

Other parts, I am pretty meh about.

Not sure which side of the fence I am going to come down on. Gonna sleep on it.
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I really liked this episode and it will go on my list of those to be watched again (and again). 

I must admit that I am not often a fan of the “blast from the past” episodes because more often than not the case feels shoe horned around the back story they are trying to tell. 

Happily, this episode broke that mold. 


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Or as I now call it NCIS 9.20 The Total Emasculation of Leroy Jethro Gibbs


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Not much of a review - more of a commentary.

I know this is probably going to come across much harsher than I intend it to, but I don’t really have a better way of saying of it, so I am just going to put it out there; I think most of you know me well enough to take it in the vein to which it was meant and not make too much of it.

Disclaimer:  I love my show with a passion, but just because you love something doesn’t mean you have to eat everything that is spoon fed to you.


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I don’t bond easily with TV shows, so when I find one that I like, I am a faithful fan. Right now I only have four shows that I watch (NCIS, TBBT, Homeland and Game of Thrones). I just may have found my fifth.


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Another “old school” NCIS episode and I loved it. It had a good case, a good “bad guy”, and lots of laugh out loud moments. I miss LOLing while I watch NCIS. Maybe I am getting hardened and cynical in my old age, but it takes a lot for a TV show to get a good laugh (not just a chuckle) out of me. Now, that’s not to say there weren’t things about the episode that I didn’t like, because there were two glaring problems for me, but I will get to those later. First up – what I liked:


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Our next episode (airing 03/20/12) is 9.18 The Tell which brings back JLC as Dr. Samantha Ryan and introduces her new right hand man played by Sean Astin (who GG says will be back for more episodes). 

Can you believe that we only have 7 more episodes until the end of Season 9?

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Loved this episode with several LOL moments.

Will write my formal review tomorrow, but just had to let my love show tonight.
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I really liked this episode – and it will go on my list of favorites.  I don’t think there was anything glaringly “wrong” with this episode – it had lots of the good stuff – humor, insight and romance.

Speaking of romance, let me just say I liked Wendy and I am so relieved.  I wanted so much for her to be a good person and a good match for Tony – and she was.  She was attractive without being overly beautiful, smart, funny and she had back bone without a being a bitch (cough*EJ*cough).  She was everything I could have hoped for in an ex-fiancée.

I won’t go into a full blow review because by now I am sure you have already read several, but you haven’t, let me point you to a couple that I really liked:

Littlesammy has 5,000 words and LOTS of pictures worth of awesome – you can find her review here. http://littlesammy.livejournal.com/316066.html

Jelenamichel  is shorter, but no less sweeter and can be found here. http://jelenamichel.livejournal.com/37452.html

I do have a few quick comments:
Tony/Abby scene - ♥
Tony/McGee scene - ♥
Tony/Ducky scene - ♥♥

I do want to say a couple of things about the last scene with Tony and Wendy.

For the first time I felt a little hardening of my heart towards Wendy (but it soon passed) when it was revealed that she called off the wedding the night before the ceremony and gave Tony no explanation whatsoever and they never spoke after that.


No freaking wonder – he has been messed up in the relationship department and Ducky was right – he has no faith in himself BECAUSE YOU TOOK IT FROM HIM.

Okay, well maybe I do still have a teeny bit of resentment over that (hee), but Wendy finally came clean and Tony needed to hear that it wasn’t his fault, that he is worthy of having someone love him – that he is worthy - period.

That was the closure that Tony has been seeking and I am glad he finally has it.  Thank you Wendy (I would hug you if I could). 

Will we see Wendy again?  I’m not sure and at this point I don’t think GG is sure either – he did say her character was potentially reoccurring.  If she does come back and they don’t mess her character up – I wouldn’t mind seeing her again and even if we don’t actually see her again, I am sure her story with Tony isn’t over and surprisingly the Tiva shipper in me isn’t too worried about it. 

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I really (really) liked this episode. 

I will get around to posting my formal review later - I have a really busy day and  I want to sit down and watch the episode again at it's normal Tuesday broadcast time (yes, I cheated and watched last night because I was afraid that we wouldn't be home in time to watch the full episode tonight. My worries were for naught, so I will get the opportunity to rewatch and maybe catch some of those oh so subtle "things" that make NCIS must see TV for me.

I do have one thought I would like to share.  It's not spoilery, but it's opinion based - so under a cut it goes.

Not spoilers - opinions only )

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This episode sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride – my emotions ran the gamut from WTH to fangirl flail. I was a mess by the end of the hour and my dog thought I was completely nuts. Good thing my husband was watching UofL lose the ball game and was doing some yelling of his own or he might have given considerable thought to having me committed.


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I have so much ♥love♥ for this episode that I almost don’t have the words for it.




I thought this review would be easy to write, but I have so much emotion tied up in it that it is actually difficult.


I want you to know right up front that I am trying really hard not to go all fangirly schizoid and will try not to embarrass  myself with the flailing and squeeing, but I am making no promises….


Another warning: If you object strongly to Tiva, you should read no further because I can assure you this review will be T/Z heavy.



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I was blown away by Season One of Showtime's Homeland.  It really is a shame that this show is not on network TV so that more people could enjoy it.  If you get the opportunity to watch it, please give it a try - you will be in  for a rare treat. 

One word of caution: this show is NOT for the casual viewer - the twists, turns and pacing does not lend itself to hit and miss viewing - you will be lost - totally - if you don't watch every episode and pay careful attention. Which is exactly what I love about this show - you can't predict where it's going.

About the time, you think you have it figured out - another plot point opens up that discounts previous thinking.  It's layer upon layer - both in terms of the plot and the character development.  It's one story arc - not episode specific like we see with most weekly procedurals. 

Some thoughts on Season One and the finale:

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I am still digesting this episode and will possibly give it another watch tomorrow.

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Not so much a review as a comment:

Squee ahead )

And with that, I am off to enjoy my family, my friends, and some good food.
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Another good episode in an already exceptional season. 

For me Part II wasn't as good as Part I - but I don't say that to detract from Part II in anyway because II was a good episode in it's own right and 1 was a very hard act to follow.

I think that's why it is difficult to do a two parter - especially with two different writers.  For me there was a slight disconnect between the two episodes.  It's hard for me to explain and I am not even going to try because when I do it comes across as picky and trite and I don't want to do that because it was a good episode.  

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Anybody else watching Showtime's Homeland series?  I am seriously loving this show and last night - OMG what a twist.

One of the things that I really like about this show is that you don't really know the characters and they keep you guessing.  Maybe, it's because the show is brand new and the characters are still developing and we are "getting to know them", but I really think they keep us guessing because they are all CIA spys - they are chameleons and I don't know if we have ever gotten more than a glimpse of the "real" people. Sometimes I think even they don't know who they really are.

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If this show is still on when Game of Thrones resumes - I am going to have some serious decisions to make because they air at the same time - which to watch and which to DVR for later.
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I almost hate to say it because I don't want to jinx it - but I will anyway...

This season (apart from 9.01 NoTB) can do no wrong.  There are no words to describe the love I feel for this episode, it is definitely going on my favorites list.

Engaged Part 1 ) 
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I have nothing but love for this episode, it is my new season favorite (so far) in a season of good episodes.

This is the NCIS that I fell head over heels in love with.  This is the NCIS that created a flailing fan girl and a T/Z shipper.

This is a return to "old school" NCIS. 
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While it will never be one of my favorite NCIS episodes - I still give it a win.

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